Friday, January 22


The Spring semester has sprung. This week, as I try to get back into 'school mode'
I decided to post a little fashion inspiration.

I love classic colors: black, white, gray, and blues. 
I like clothes to be simple yet intricate. 
It is all about the fabric choice and construction details.

Here are a few things I feel in love with that I found on the web...

love the simplicity of the dress and hair <3

love love love the pose and expression <3

LC picked an amazing dress. I love the deep V and its amazing with
white and silver <3

the wallpaper pretty wall paper + simple outfit + complex pose = love <3

simple black jumpsuit and bling ... classy and edgy <3

Love the lilac stain and silver combination.
not to mention the detail at the bottom and on the chest
can I have this dress please!! <3

Vera Wang. Gorgeous. Need I say more? <3

First of all, Heidi Klum is gorgeous no matter what she wears...
the shoes, the rings, the hair, the dress
love love love <3

Taylor has a really amazing way of wearing everything I love
Simple, yet complicated, elegant, classy, chic, and hot! <3

Besides the fact that I wish I could be Mary Kate and Ashley simultaneously,
this is my absolute favorite picture of them. I love the shape of the dresses.
The plainness of MK's contrasts really well with intricate details of Ashley's.
Plus the gorgeous wall they are leaning on and the one mirror.
How they are both looking away... I love seeing Ashley from the back
j'adore <3

I love the shiny material with the sparkly trim.
The detail on the lower back is amazing.
so flattering. <3

I love this dress and shoes and hair combo.
Its simple yet detailed and sparkly <3

In case you can't tell...
I love all of these people! They are gorgeous.
Sometimes their pose, face, and hair are just as beautiful as the clothes.
I especially love Mary-Kate and Ashley :)
They breath fashion. It is so effortless and I absolutely love their unique taste.
You can tell that they are passionate about clothes, too.

Kate <3

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